Land Use Information

What’s your designation? Here’s the easiest way to uncover Land Use Information.

Note: City bylaws and programs change over time and this information may become out of date. It is your responsibility to reconfirm this information.

Before you can get permission from the City to use a space as a Pop-Up or Interim space, you’ll need to know its Land Use information and designation.

If you know the building you’re interested in, discover its Land Use information using the map at this link: My Property Map.

Click on the property to see the Land Use information in the box that pops up. This box also gives you other important information, like the name of the associated City Councillor.

You are good to go if the Land Use is zoned as one of the following:

Throughout all of Calgary:

  • Commercial (C-anything)
  • Industrial (I-G, B, E, C or R)
  • Multi-Residential (M-H or M-X)
  • Mixed Use (MU-anything),

In Centre City, look for the following designations:

  • CC-MHX, CC-X, CC-COR, and CR20

In the East Village, look for:


Interim Uses:
Throughout all of Calgary

  • Commercial (C-anything),
  • Industrial (I-B, E, or C)
  • Multi-Residential (M-H or M-X)
  • Mixed Use (MU-anything)

Centre City

  • CC-MHX, CC-X, CC-COR, and CR20-C20/R20

East Village


Use Designation

The space will likely already have an existing use designation e.g. retail shop, restaurant. This information is not included on the My Property link. Call 403-268-5351 to determine this designation.

DC / Direct Control:

If the building’s Land Use is DC (Direct Control), you need to check the date to determine when the direct control was created by identifying the last 4 digits of the code (e.g. DC 64D2010 was created in 2010).

Prior to 2019, a business licence was required for anyone seeking permission to host a Pop-Up or Interim event. In 2020 the By-Law was changed to allow some Pop-Ups or Interim events to operate without a business licence, depending on the Land Use Designation.

However, this new change to the By-Law does not apply retroactively to Direct Control districts. If the building falls into this pre-2019 land use, contact CADA (Calgary Arts Development Association) and they will try to help.

Calgary Arts Development (CADA)